Padi open water course (3 Days)

Padi open water course (3 Days)

PADI Open Water The famous program where you get your first PADI Certification As a diver DEVELOPMENT COURSE

Introduction to the Course from your PADI Instructor. Registration PARTICIPANT where you will Signatures Required Documents Set para PADI Course -delivery Manual work and study OPEN WATER And your first logbook -Display The video Dips (1,2,3) in pool Where your instructor show you how to do all the exercises execution Establishing the course m) and you will repeat until Overcome your instructor Skills esta Marcando Diving elementary theory. Knowledge Review of Chapters 1 and 2 of the manual) and the instructor theoretical explanations where after reading you Chapters You must complete the questionnaires and clarify your doubts with your

In -Inmersiones pool (4 and 5). And Skills Development Facilities performance requirements established by PADI para AES Dips – Theory of diving. Knowledge Development Chapters 3 and 4 Manual Tu. Fill in the questionnaires and clarify doubts with your PADI Instructor. you take DIVE 1 and 2 in the ocean (Max 12 meters depth)


3 and 4 open water dive (máximum 18 meters). Developments performance requirements for AES and open water dives. Diving Theory, Chapter 5 of the Handbook of Knowledge and development and review of questions with your instructor. You’ll pre examination of chapter STUDIED