PADI Adventures in Diving program (Advanced Diving Course) (2 days)

PADI Adventures in Diving program (Advanced Diving Course) (2 days)

Your next step in the echelons of education is the PADI advanced course. And your depth increases to 30 meters and your experience as a diver also

presentation course, hand delivery Adventures in Diving Manual and PADI form of documents required for the participant the participant must make five dives adventures listed below. To access this course you must already be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver   do a dive to thirty meters where you will see the effects of pressure (physics diving) in experiments that will show your instructor PADI, after a few exercises execution will go to surface, where rest and took advantage to read you the for that dive chapter and acarar doubts with your PADI Instructor

a dive underwater navigation. In this dive you will learn different navigation techniques and learn to better use an underwater compass

a night dive. You will learn the different techniques for night diving. Using signals through your head flashlight, security protocols for diving at night and check l fascinating world of coral at night, depending on how tired you go over the questionnaires that day one two chapters, one would cease if we did the review for the next day before your temporary certification

sh to meet the most basic characteristics of tropical fish, learn the angels fish differ for example the butterflyfish, identify parrotfish etc., etc.… knowledge review chapters of the manual related to the course.

Signature of the five dives in your logbook and issuance of a temporary staff PADI advanced diver certification, hoping to your home you get your final license. In this course you need not make any final exam